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Hypermarket EDEA, Mall Rousse: 50 000 items on an area of 5 000 sq. m!

EDEA Retail AD is a Bulgarian company for groceries with stores in Rousse, Razgrad and Shumen. Hypermarket EDEA is the largest store offering more than 50 000 items, arranged on an area of 5 000 sq.m, and with staff of 120 employees. The conclusion of a performed corporate research was that for 10 months the hypermarket gained the trust of the citizens of Rousse who recognized it as “my store”.

„The fact that it is big, innovative and modern doesn’t mean that it is expensive to shop here” - said a pleased customer who has just been shopping.

EDEA offers a unique experience while shopping. It all starts at the entrance where a modern and light shopping cart is expecting the customer. The cart has a special spot for placing a cup of aromatic coffee from the zone EDEA Koffee station. While enjoying a cup of coffee or Cappuccino, the customer can walk around all zones of the hypermarket at leisure:

EDEA Koffee station offers a unique combination between real milk, 100% Arabica coffee and additional flavor with options: hazelnut, almond, caramel or vanilla. The coffee is made of selected species Arabica and roasted specially for EDEA Koffee. The combination between warm and cold foam keeps for a long time the thick crema on top, thus making stages in the coffee drink. The coffee machine is Swiss and always guarantees the same quality with amazing three finger-thick crema.

Bakery EDEA – Some citizens of Rousse still do not know that the bread in EDEA is made with natural starter and is freshly prepared here on the spot without being frozen! It is made following traditional bakers’ recipes and using natural ingredients and high-quality flours without preservatives and color additives. What is unique about the bread in EDEA Bakery is that it is baked on “taban” - a traditional method of baking bread coming from ancient times where the bread is being baked directly on a stone. The focus is completely on the health of the customers and on the health of the mothers and their children! Each kind of bread has its own story. For example, the multigrain bread is made with rye starter, two types of flour and five seeds: rye kernels, oatmeal, sunflower, linseed, peeled millet. The bread with turmeric is very healthy for pregnant women and women who have just given birth. In EDEA Bakery you shall find a variety of 30 kinds of bread and bakery products, each of them containing different ingredients. The price range is affordable for everyone – the prices start from 0,79 BGN and are rising depending on the ingredients: corn or olives, sprouts or herbs.

EDEA Fish section offers a great variety of live, fresh and frozen fish provided by a local fishery. Cold smoked and hot smoked silver carp, fresh carp and grass carp, chilled gilt-head bream, European bass and salmon. Undoubtedly, the greatest attraction in the fish section is the aquarium with love sturgeon! Only here in EDEA the customer is offered the service “fish cutting”. The live fish can be cleaned and cut in fillets or chops. Only here in EDEA the customer has the option to order certain fish if they cannot find it anywhere!

EDEA Cutting section is situated behind a window display. All cutting processes are visible for the customers. The meat is a special selection and is coming from local producers, directly from the slaughterhouse without freezing or shock-chilling, always fresh. Meatballs, Serbian pljeskavica, karnache and sausages made of pure Bulgarian meat without admixtures and soya. The connoisseurs shall be pleased with the best and most innovative technology for meat aging - „Dry Aging”. Veal /ribeye or tenderloin steak/ and pork are placed in a climate-controlled unit with permanent humidity around 85% and temperature 2°C for a period of 35-45 days. Through specially adjusted temperature and vapors of Himalayan salt the meat becomes uniquely tender and with improved taste. All proteins, fats, minerals and amino acids necessary for the organism remain within the meat.

EDEA Delicious gives way to fresh, quality and natural products. Thanks to the most innovative kitchen equipment the complete process of food preparing takes place here, every day, throughout the whole day. The advantages in the kitchen of EDEA are the latest innovations: blast chiller, low-temperature cooking and pressure fryer “Broaster”. During pressure frying less oil is absorbed by the food and more natural juices and flavors remain in it. The dining area has approximately 120 seats.

The liquor zone offers a great selection of wines from across Bulgaria and Europe, a great variety of whiskey, bourbon and scotch, and the abundance of beer shall let you touch all European traditions and tastes. The tasting area offers tasting of variety of wines and drinks.

EDEA Pastry shop developed and implemented its own pastries such as éclairs, syrupy cakes, cakes, muffins with spelt, walnut cakes, biscuits and breadsticks. Trying the unique éclairs EDEA and the cake Trileche is a must to do. The pastry shop makes customized cakes, designer gingerbreads and cookies for all occasions.

The free of charge children’s playground offers great opportunity for kids to have fun as much as they want, while their parents are shopping.


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