A giant egg gives chocolate for Easter at Mall Rousse


A giant egg gives chocolate at Mall Rousse

An Easter miracle for two days – games, activities and presents for children and adults


On 6th and 7th April all visitors at Mall Rousse shall have the chance to participate in the festive program organized by the trade centre for Easter. Following the steps of the Red Egg the visitors shall have the chance to get their sweet surprise. Helpful Easter assistants shall give hints to the participants which the right way is.


In these two days the most artistic persons shall have the chance to participate in the Easter decoration workshop and to bring the decoration home. In addition they shall receive as a delicious mini Easter bread as a gift. The most skillful ones can participate in Easter clay figurines decoration workshop which shall take place on the last floor of Mall Rousse on 6th April.  


Traditionally Children Theater Group “Kamila” shall organize Easter workshop for young craftsmen in the festive Saturday, 7th April. In addition, as a very special event, the “Scientific Workshop for Young Explorers” shall be our guest on 7th April and shall present an Easter scientific show to teach us how to make explosions and magic tricks with eggs! 


The last surprise on our Easter program is the EVA album tour. All fans of the sunny and bright star from the parody web series #KIFLA /#КИФЛА/ЕVA, shall have the chance to meet her personally, to take photos with her and to get autographs on 6th April at 12:00 a.m. on the last floor of Mall Rousse.


The complete program of the events shall be uploaded at the web page of the trade centre www.mallrousse.bg, in the social media - www.facebook.com/MallRousseand in advertising materials.


Easter Holiday is different in Mall Rousse! We are expecting you!