The jackets and sweaters are now discounted with -30% in Kenvelo for the period 01.03 - 11.03.2018

The promotion gives 30% discount on the original price and covers selected models of jackets and pullovers with trademark of Kenvelo from our new collection Spring-Summer 2018.


From March 3rd until March 8th TendenZ will give -20% discount to their clients on the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.



Friday, 02 March 2018


All TIMEOUT coats and jackets with -30% discount for the period 01.03 - 14.03.2018


*The promo refers only to certain TIMEOUT models from Spring-Summer 2018 collection;

**It cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions;

***The discounted and all season "Excellent Price" items will not be part of the promotion;

****The discount will be made on the cashier out of the initial price of the item;

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